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A custom coil manufacturer is responsible for preparing custom-made micro-coils. The manufacturing of the custom-made micro-coils depends on the requirements and specifications of the customers. On the basis of the application area, the shape and size of the micro-coils differ. However, in modern days, there are several application areas of micro-coils in the medical field. There are numerous medical devices that require micro-coils.

Challenges and Overcoming Procedures:

Micro-coils are used for various types of purposes from solar panels to medical equipment. The manufacturing process of micro-coils involves several activities such as winding coils, treating the conducting wires, and developing the sensors. In every activity, there are some challenges. The main challenge for the manufacturing process of the micro-coils is the miniatured size. In order to fit the micro-coil into the medical devices, space is the most important physical constraint. Therefore, the manufacturers need to build micro-coils that are about 0.8 mm wide.

The preparation of these tiny micro-coils requires ultra-fine wires that are wound around a core or pin through the winding process. Many manufacturers are able to use ultra-fine wires of 9 microns in diameter with the help of technological development. However, manufactures have to face several challenges to handle the ultra-fine wire. Because they need to isolate this ultra-fine wire to make the wire oxidization free and to protect the wire from any type of damage. On the other hand, connecting ultra-fine wires is another vital job for the manufacturers because micro-coil is only one part of the device and there are other parts that you need to connect with ultra-fine wires. The manufacturers can not use the traditional heat-based soldering or welding methods due to several drawbacks. For instance, using traditional methods can result in inferior conductivity, lower durability, and oxidization of the connected area. These methods are not effective to avoid ultra-fine wire isolation breakpoints. Therefore, to handle these issues, modern manufacturers use Thermo-Pressure Bonding technology to connect two ultra-fine wires. This method is even effective for both similar and different wires in diameters and materials. With the help of this technology, manufacturers can now prepare strain-free, highly reliable, and corrosion-free joints.

What Does an Ideal Manufacturer of Micro-Coil Need to Possess?

An ideal manufacturing company of micro-coils needs to have several abilities such as-

  • The manufacturing company should have high-notch technological equipment.
  • There should be professional employees in the company who also have great experience in this industry.
  • The company should be able to create frames of different shapes.
  • The manufacturer should have the ability to wind a unique type of coil.
  • As the demand for micro-coils is increasing, the company should fulfill the high-speed orders. The manufacturing company should enable a mass production process for the manufacturing of the micro-coils.
  • Above all, the quality of the micro-coils must be assured by the manufacturer.


Due to the miniature size of the micro-coils, special equipment is necessary. Micro-coils windings are effective to provide endless opportunities for miniaturizing applications. The medical field requires custom-designed micro-coils with specifications. However, medical coils have several significant applications such as-

  • In order to log data to and from the tiny implants and to control and monitor the transferring of the signals, medical coils are essential.
  • Charging implants that are wireless can provide batteries within the body.
  • In order to activate and operate the implants and their systems through providing electric charge input, micro-coils are effective.
  • In several critical medical treatments such as electromagnetic radiation-based treatments, radiofrequency treatments, and heat treatments, micro-coils are necessary to radiate energy.
  • In the case of in-vivo magnetic navigation, micro-coils help to employ a local or an external magnetic field.
  • In order to reach different locations inside or outside our body, micro-coils have a significant application.
  • Micro-coils are also useful to expedite tissue function in electromagnetic-pulse treatments.

However, anything that enters the body should follow the medical grade. Medical grade can be expressed as the standards that the manufacturers should follow in the medical industry such as quality control, material traceability, etc.

In order to custom the manufacturing of different devices, a manufacturer requires to have special expertise. For instance, a device that consists of pressure sensors should be able to measure the critical pressure levels in liquid and gas in our body with high accuracy and stability.



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