The Role of a Custom-Coil Manufacturer in the Production of Micro-Coils

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Micro-coils or electromagnetic coils are necessary for a variety of applications. The shape and size requirements for the micro-coils are unique for every application area. Therefore, it is important to produce micro-coils considering the specifications and requirements of the customers. A custom coil manufacturer produces custom-made coils considering the customer’s needs and demands.

Micro-coils are required for numerous applications in the medical field, especially to prepare different types of miniaturized medical devices. The specifications for the micro-coils differ in different medical devices. A custom coil manufacturer maintains the parameters and specifications of the micro-coils precisely so that the coils can fit into the devices suitably and work precisely.

Challenges and the Methods to Overcome the Challenges:

From solar panels to medical equipment, electromagnetic coils have substantial applications. Micro-coil production process engrosses plenty of activities, such as designing, insulation of the wires, coil winding process, and the development of the final products, such as sensors. Maintaining the tiny size of the electromagnetic coils is the most significant challenge of this production process. Conversely, medical devices also create physical constraints when it comes to offering space for micro-coils. The coils need to be very minute so that they can be placed into the devices. A medical grade micro-coils should have a diameter of 0.8 mm.

A custom coil manufacturer uses ultra-fine wires and winds the wires around a particular shaped support, a core, or a pin to produce the tiny electromagnetic coils. The manufacturer should have advanced technology to wind the 9 microns of ultra-fine wires. However, due to the tiny diameter of the wires, there are certain challenges in the winding process. To safeguard the wires from potential damage and make them oxidation free, a custom coil manufacturer also needs to isolate the wires through the insulation method.

Apart from the above-mentioned challenge, another critical issue for the coil production process is establishing a connection between two different wires and the support system. Manufacturers will require to join the wires with other components and even join two different wires. After using the traditional heat-based welding and soldering methods, manufacturers have faced various issues, including oxidization on the wires and at the joints, inferior connectivity, and lower durability. These methods can also destroy the isolation of the wires. Therefore, to chuck out the drawbacks of traditional methods and find an efficient solution to all the issues, custom coil manufacturers have developed the thermo-compression bonding method. Irrespective of the material and the diameter of the wires, this method offers the best connectivity solution for two similar or different ultra-fine wires. When it comes to building reliable, durable, strain-free, and corrosion-free connections, you have no suitable option other than the thermos compression bonding technique.

What to Expect from a Custom Coil Manufacturer?

A supreme custom coil manufacturer should have various abilities, such as-

  • The manufacturer should use high-notch and innovative technological equipment.
  • The manufacturing company should employ professional and highly experienced employees who have sufficient knowledge to handle the equipment and conduct the coil production process.
  • Different customers have different needs regarding the shape and size of the electromagnetic micro-coils. Therefore, the manufacturing company should prepare different frames to offer different shapes.
  • There are various types of coil winding methods. The manufacturer should be able to wind the coils considering the demands of the clients.
  • Mass production method is essential to supply a huge number of coils within a limited time. Therefore, a custom micro-coil manufacturer should have the ability to handle mass production.
  • Above all, you can expect to get high-standard micro-coils from a custom coil manufacturer.


Custom-made micro-coils have an enormous number of applications. However, the major applications of the coils are found in the medical field. Here are some common applications of custom coils-

  • To transfer, control, and monitor data in tiny active implants.
  • To charge the batteries of the permanent implants within our body and activate and operate the systems.
  • In plenty of medical treatments, including heat treatments, electromagnetic radiation-based treatments, electrophysiology treatments, and radiofrequency treatments.
  • To produce the orientation and navigation sensors for in-vivo magnetic navigation.

Apart from these applications, medical-grade custom coils are necessary components in a variety of medical devices to measure the physical and chemical variables of our body and treat different diseases.


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